[buug] Opportunity: (mostly?) Minneapolis, MN; hands-on hardware, Solaris/HP-UX/Red Hat/SuSE

Michael Paoli mp at rawbw.com
Thu Jun 16 07:11:03 PDT 2005

The work group I'm in has a quite immediate opening to fill.  Most
immediately we need to cover an impending vacancy in Minneapolis, MN,
which at bare minimum requires some technically competent hands-on
hardware coverage (Sun SPARC systems running mostly Solaris SPARC 8,
and Hewlett-Packard x86 systems running Red Hat, at that location).
Most other coverage can be done remotely (we have folks in San
Francisco, but by no means to excess), but we do need an available body
in Minneapolis, MN for hardware coverage (installs, servicing support,
troubleshooting, etc.).  Ideally we'd like to get someone in
Minneapolis, MN who's rather[1] to quite Senior level[2] skilled
UNIX/LINUX (Solaris 8, Red Hat AS 3.0, HP-UX 11.11, SuSE 8.1), someone
who can work quite well and efficiently rather independently (the rest
of the support group is in San Francisco), is strong in the operating
systems mentioned (most notably Solaris SPARC 8 and Red Hat AS 3.0, as
those are on the hardware in Minneapolis, MN, competency/expertise in
the others mentioned is a significant plus), strong in
scripting(/programming) capabilities (most notably Perl, and at least
one Bourne-like shell (Bourne/Korn/POSIX/bash).

Looks like management is most inclined to cover at least the
hands-on-hardware minimal coverage for Minneapolis, MN ASAP (likely
filling with interim contractor(s) as necessary), and work on filling
something closer to what we'd ideally like in Minneapolis, MN, as soon
as we're reasonably able to (full time employee position) ... and if
we're absurdly lucky (hey, our group can dream, right?) we'd get
someone who's available immediately in Minneapolis, MN on a contract
basis, meets everything we'd desire in a candidate to fill the position
as an employee, and would be interested/willing/able to convert from
contractor to employee at some future date.  It's rather/quite
improbable management would be inclined to backfill what can be done
remotely by adding a person outside of Minneapolis, MN (but if the
inclination changes, or something opens up that's definitely local (San
Francisco) ... wouldn't hurt to have qualified resumes handy).

If you are or may be interested, or know someone who is or may be (or
have specific questions), please feel free to drop me a note, pass
resume to me (or URL to resume), etc., to my WORK e-mail address (
reply should work if you're doing this direct from the e-mail, if not,
or to confirm e-mail address, this should provide sufficient hint to
determine/confirm my work e-mail address:
echo cnbyvzvp at jryyfsnetb.pbz |
tr abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz nopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklm
).  Please also indicate availability for Minneapolis, MN (candidates
which aren't available for Minneapolis, MN would likely just go on
"file" for potential future consideration).

1. http://www.sage.org/pubs/8_jobs/core.mm#Intermediate
2. http://www.sage.org/pubs/8_jobs/core.mm#Senior

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