[buug] where can i score FreeBSD 5.3? :-)

Tom Lord lord at emf.net
Thu May 5 23:22:49 PDT 2005

Damn.  I meant to make tonight's meeting and lost track
of time.  Next one or soon, hopefully.

Meanwhile:  I have a new machine but only some old 5.2 disks.  I lack a 
CD burner with which to create my own 5.3 disks and operate on a slim enough
budget that it will be a while before I can buy some.  

The hard part is that while 5.2 boots and installs on this machine, it
fails to recognize both the built-in NIC and the built-in COM1 serial
port.  Rumor has it that 5.3 groks this machine (a dell server) just
fine, but since 5.2 leaves this machine with no way to connect to a
network, I can't get there from here.  (This machine also lacks a
floppy drive.)

So my question is: is there anyone on this list w/in walking distance
of Berkeley Bowl who has a 5.3 installation CD I could borrow for a


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