[buug] where can i score FreeBSD 5.3? :-)

Tom Lord lord at emf.net
Fri May 6 00:59:14 PDT 2005

   From: "f.johan.beisser" <jan at caustic.org>

   I have a 5.3 install disk, i'll download and grab 5.4-STABLE if you
   want it.

   Just the first disk, though. When do you want them?

"Beggers can't be choosers." :-)

If you're in the neighborhood, we can meet at your convenience to
borrow the 5.3 disk.  If you want to hoof it over here, I can serve
coffee or something -- contact me off-list.  I'm quite close to
Berkeley Bowl and frequent it, well, frequently -- so that's also a
good rendezvous point.

Assuming 5.3 can grok my NIC I can go from there over the net (1st
disk is sufficient).  If it can't grok my NIC, i'm not sure what to do
next.  (The freebsd support list has reports that 5.3 can grok the
network interface on this machine (a "Dell PowerEdge SC420").)


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