[buug] BUUG list error(s)?

Michael Paoli mp at rawbw.com
Fri May 6 14:29:02 PDT 2005

We did get a report yesterday at the BUUG meeting of error(s) that had
apparently occurred with the BUUG list or web site (looked to be a CGI or
URL error of some type if I recall correctly).

I'm not spotting anything obviously wrong with the web site or list at this
time - I did also subscribe and unsubscribe an alternate address of mine,
and that seemed to function fine.  Perhaps it was just some issue/error of
relatively short duration?  Or perhaps the error only shows up under
certain conditions (e.g. specific steps followed with certain data in a
particular order).

Anyway, let us know if errors persist (particularly if they're reproducible,
and with information on how to reproduce the error(s)).

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