[buug] BUUG list & archives not working

Jon McClintock jammer at weak.org
Tue Sep 6 07:52:02 PDT 2005

On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 09:46:14AM -0700, Michael Paoli wrote:
> Could you check on the buug list (buug at weak.org) - as far as I can tell it
> doesn't seem to be working. Nothing's shown in the archives more
> recent than 2005-08-25, and multiple messages sent to the list since that
> date also apparently haven't gone out to the list.

Yeap, OOM killer killed mailman, and I was out camping in the desert. It 
should be up again now.

I think this box needs more RAM; ever since I spun up ClamAV, it's been
choking a lot.


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