[buug] who wants to step up?

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 23 20:47:23 PDT 2006

Maybe just something relativeliy simple, e.g.:

Maybe just change the mail form link on
the BUUG page such that it gets e-mailed to myself and
one other person (e.g. Larry or some other regular or semi-regular
attendee/participant) so that generally speaking at least one of us
would see the item in a relatively timely manner and attend to it.
Or could replace that with a spam resistant alias that would then
forward to us, e.g. text on the BUUG page, such as:
To contact us, send e-mail to:
buug_contact NOSPAM AT buug DOT org
(remove NOSPAM, change AT to @, remove the spaces, change the DOT to .)
Then if/when that e-mail address ever starts getting spammed significantly,
we could then always "retire" that one and similarly construct a new
forwarding alias.

Quoting Aaron Porter:

> On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 08:51:31AM -0700, Michael Paoli wrote:
> > Maybe Aaron could set up a forwarding alias on/under the buug.org
> > domain, and that could then forward to the appropriate e-mail
> > address(es).  That would have the advantages of having a "fixed"
> > group contact e-mail address for "users" to see/use, and would be
> > relatively easy to change/update.
> 	Yes, certainly. Let me know what you want and how you want to
> check it (forward on to your mail, imaps, mailman list...)

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