[buug] [ot] introduction

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 23 22:56:17 PDT 2006

Well, I think you'll find many of us BUUG folks are fans of
Debian, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, and other flavors of LINUX, BSD,
and also users of various UNIX flavors (and OS X, etc.).
I think theoretically we're relatively flavor agnostic, ... but
I think each of has our preferences.

Hmmmm, I think I may still have a Univac placard, ... but never
worked on 'em. or seen one in operation, though I've seen some of
them before, ... but I've used a Teletype ASR33, ... even saved some
programs to punched tape with them.

There's also:
... if you haven't already discovered it.

Welcome to the group/list.

Quoting Tim:

> Just joined the group; I'll introduce myself. My first name is Tim
> and I live in central Florida near Orlando. My vocation is as a
> business application programmer which I started in '66 by
> wire-wrapping boards for Univac 1004/1005s. I spent the next 14 years
> designing/writing big-iron financial applications: demand desposit,
> time deposit, installment loan. Since '81 I've specialized in
> designing/writing micro-iron vertical order processing applications
> for distribution businesses: automotive aftermarket,
> awards & presentations, pottery & landscaping.
> My hardware is limited to Intel/AMD powered computers on which I use
> FreeBSD and the Debian distribution of Linux.
> My current project is a web enabled horizontal order processing
> application using Apache and Linux/FreeBSD which you can test drive,
> if you wish, at my showroom at www.sababeach.net.
> I am retired excepting continued support for my order processing 
> application. I join ix user groups as an enjoyable way to keep up with 
> the state of ix software.

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