[buug] Re: I think I see some books in BUUG's future ...

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Sun Dec 17 16:44:03 PST 2006

Box from Prentice Hall / Pearson Education was delivered 2006-12-14,
containing the following book/ISBN items:
o Media Flyer ("Compliments of Pearson Education, review copies not
  for resale, ...") ISBN-13 9780131347779
o Practical PHP and MySQL ISBN-13 9780132239974 [1]
o Live Linux CDs ISBN-13 9780132432740 [2]

I'll bring them to the next BUUG meeting (2007-12-21).

1. http://vig.prenhall.com/catalog/academic/product/0,1144,0132239973,00.html
2. http://vig.prenhall.com/catalog/academic/product/0,1144,0132432749,00.html

Quoting Michael Paoli:

> I think I see some books in BUUG's future ...
> based upon some quite recent e-mail correspondence, and some
> earlier communications:
> http://www.weak.org/pipermail/buug/2006-July/002848.html
> http://www.weak.org/pipermail/buug/2006-July/002849.html
> http://www.weak.org/pipermail/buug/2006-July/002851.html
> http://www.weak.org/pipermail/buug/2006-July/002852.html

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