[buug] Authentication on an email server

Al Plant webmaster at hawaiidakine.com
Sat Jul 8 17:31:03 PDT 2006

Aloha Gurus,

FreeBSD 6.1

I have installed sendmail imap and pop3. I  tried installing dovecot. I 
can still send from the admin at hdk5.net user to anywhere on the inet. 
However, I get a bad authentication passwd err for the same user when I 
try to download his mail.
The server box has ssh and I can get onto it with the password assigned 
with no problem. Doesn't the dovecot use the same account passwd for the 
account? Or do I have to enable ssl to use the ssh passwrd system which 
is encrypted? I just left ssl off to run unencrypted for testing.

This was my problem from the beginning not being able to receive, only 
send to other accounts. But at least dovecot has created an err message 
that says why. I don't know how to fix this. Havent found a how to.

Al Plant

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