[buug] DSL 768/768 line with 5 IP's

Al Plant webmaster at hawaiidakine.com
Sun Jun 4 13:37:26 PDT 2006


I belong to a group of FreeBSD / Mac users who want to learn more of the 
Internet hookups for servers.

We have acquired a DSL Line 768/768 with 5 ip addresses to learn on with
66.xxx.xxx.234 .235 .236 .237 .238
a Sub netmask of 66.xxx.xxx.248

And a Gateway of 66.xxx.xxx.233

The Tech person at the providers end however did not know how I would 
connect and whether the Gateway was mine or there end.

I have a Farallon switch and a Freesco Router to connect the servers to 
the incoming/outgoing dsl modem and to the (possible) 5 Servers.

(I have an existing DSL 1.5 down and 768 up. but it is only 1 IP
(66.xxx.xxx.18) and the gateway  (66.xxx.xxx.1) is at there end not 
ours. It is a BNC lan with a Freesco Router which I have set up and 

I could not get any help from the telcom in how to set this new line up 
to reach them. Our telcom was sold a year ago and we have all new folks 
at there end now.

Has anyone had experience connecting one of these 5 IP DSL lines?
They did say I would not not need the CSU/DSU setup like a T1 would require.

Al Plant

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