[buug] (S.F.) free systems: Dell OptiPlex, models: GX110, GX1 and GX400

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Sun Mar 5 12:29:08 PST 2006

Well, when I originally sent this to BUUG and BAD (and also two other
lists), it was held, pending moderator approval.  I guess the list
defaults didn't like the number of To: addresses.  Anyway, it never got
approved (or rejected) by the moderator(s) for BUUG and BAD, so, I include
it below.  (I included all the To:'s, rather than Bcc:'s or such, so as
to hopefully avoid having lots of duplicate forwardings to various
non-profit and charitable group contacts in the area and such).

Anyway, a few update notes, then the main information further below.

Not all of the systems include Microsoft licenses sticker thingies (of
those that do, all I've noticed so far seem to be for Windows 2000
Professional).  If one, or one's group must have, or prefers units
with such licenses, or doesn't care or prefers not to have them, please
specify, so I can try to shuffle units about such that those that need
or prefer such license may have opportunity to get them (and those that
don't want them may avoid having those nasty stickers on their machines).

There are some other models included in the mix, e.g. Dell OptiPlex GX1.
If one, or one's group/organization can't make use of certain models, or
other models, please let me know that, so I can avoid providing someone
with system(s) they couldn't make use of anyway.

I've gotten a fair number of requests - not sure exactly how the balance
will work out between requests and available systems, but if you're
interested or potentially interested, drop me an e-mail note as instructed
in the earlier e-mail included below.  Also, even if we run out at the
present time, there are likely to be more in the future - and possibly the
near-term future (which may or may not be more of the same models).

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(S.F.) free systems: Dell OptiPlex, models: GX110, GX1 and GX400

A group at my employer has some computer systems to give away.
Preference would probably be to non-profits (e.g. 501(c)3 or 501(c)(7))
and/or accredited educational institutions, but most any semi-reasonable
cause, purpose or person to give/provide them for is also likely
potential candidate if interested.

Relevant details:
The systems:
Dell OptiPlex, models: GX110, GX1 and GX400
Note that the GX400 systems may be rather/quite incomplete systems (they
may be missing essential components).  All models are without
monitor, operating system and software, and except possibly for GX400
systems, include a (wiped clean) hard drive, and should be ready to use
systems with addition of operating system, monitor, keyboard and mouse.
I believe they also all come with some Microsoft operating
system license, but they don't include the operating system, software,
or media.  They don't include shipping/packing materials (they're not
boxed).  I think there are roughly 25 to 30 systems total, and I think
it runs roughly mostly GX110 systems, a fair number of GX1 systems, and
some GX400 systems.

I probably can't provide individual machine specifications.  They
probably include at least the minimum hardware specifications on the
systems themselves that Dell would have originally shipped them with -
not sure what (if anything) beyond that they may have or likely have,
and precise specifications/configuration may possibly vary from system 
to system.

Pickup - pickup would need to be arranged for in advance, may be limited
to "business hours", and location is South of Market Area (SOMA), San
Francisco (not too far from 5th & Mission).  Some advance lead time and
scheduling for pickups would be required - and more lead time may be
required for larger quantity pickups.

If you know a group in the area that may be interested, feel free to
pass this on to them.

For more details, if you're interested to arrange pickup, etc., drop me
an e-mail note at my work address.  You can get determine my work
address via:
$ echo 'cnbyvzvp (ng) jryyfsnetb.pbz' | tr '[A-Za-z]' '[N-ZA-Mn-za-m]'
Please include:
(S.F.) free systems: Dell OptiPlex, models: GX110, GX1 and GX400
in the Subject line of any e-mail.

*caesar(6), rot13(6), if you have problems translating that into my 
correct work e-mail address, drop me a reply to this e-mail and I'll 
e-mail that to you.

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