[buug] ajax and versioned backup

Ian Zimmerman itz at madbat.mine.nu
Mon Apr 23 05:53:23 PDT 2007

Nick> rdiff-backup is delightful for disk-based backup stores for one
Nick> major reason: reverse incrementals.  Your typical restore
Nick> situation is that you want to grab something that was damaged or
Nick> lost *very recently*, so restructuring the incrementals to start
Nick> at the most recent backup and give deltas as you go back in time
Nick> is *very* helpful.

Nick> At this point of course, your offsite archival backup volumes
Nick> (tapes, most likely) should just do full backups of your
Nick> disk-based rdiff-backup landing area.  Very nice for many
Nick> situations.

I do rdiff-backup directly to offsite storage, with a plug in 
dedicated hard drive.  It's the best backup solution I've ever had.
(I got chided by Rick on this list for using USB storage,
so I hasten to add I now have a portable ATA enclosure with
a Centronix interface).

This line is completely ham.

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