[buug] lvm issue

Ian Zimmerman itz at madbat.mine.nu
Fri Aug 31 19:31:52 PDT 2007

Michael> Hello, I have a similar issue, I want to plug and unplug a usb
Michael> drive which only has one partition - an LVM named VolGroup01.
Michael> I want to treat it like a USB memory stick and be able to hot
Michael> plug and unplug it.

To hotplug a USB pen drive under Debian, I use the usbmount package.  It
is a Debian native package (i.e.  you get the official source from
debian.org) and as far as I can see it consists of just a couple udev
configuration bits.

I don't do LVM, though.  I hope this might be helpful nonetheless.

This line is completely ham.

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