[buug] lvm issue

Michael Cheselka cheselka at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 20:28:46 PDT 2007


BTW, it's important to put a "0"( zero) in the last field otherwise you'll halt
on startup when the drives are checked for fsck before mounting.  You'll
see complaint's about not being able to mount drives anyway but no worry -
you know the usb drive is not connected.  I'm sure there is an easy autofs
way to do this as well, maybe even better.


On 31 Aug 2007 22:31:52 -0400, Ian Zimmerman <itz at madbat.mine.nu> wrote:
> Michael> Hello, I have a similar issue, I want to plug and unplug a usb
> Michael> drive which only has one partition - an LVM named VolGroup01.
> Michael> I want to treat it like a USB memory stick and be able to hot
> Michael> plug and unplug it.
> To hotplug a USB pen drive under Debian, I use the usbmount package.  It
> is a Debian native package (i.e.  you get the official source from
> debian.org) and as far as I can see it consists of just a couple udev
> configuration bits.
> I don't do LVM, though.  I hope this might be helpful nonetheless.
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> This line is completely ham.

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