[buug] wanted: DNS "slaves" (/"secondaries") for BALUG

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Fri May 18 22:46:04 PDT 2007

wanted: DNS "slaves" (/"secondaries") for BALUG

The Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG) is seeking
organizations/entities/persons that would be interested in and able to
donate DNS "slave" (/"secondary") services to BALUG.

If you are able to do so (also feel free to forward this along if you
may know someone who can do so), please drop a quick e-mail
reply to me containing at least:

geographic location(s) of potential slave servers:
(city, state/province, and country is sufficiently detailed,
we're mostly interested in locations outside of San Francisco,
as our primary master will be in colo facility in San Francisco)

terse synopsis of how high (or not so highly) available:
(e.g. static IP on dialup, or high availability service
virtualized on redundant systems at a colocation facility, or ???)

supported by: (would it be supported by an individual, or an
organization/company, or ???)

Note that we'll likely want "slaves" in place and operational before
making the more significant TLD delegation changes (until that's
completed, our DNS data will closely parallel the Internet delegated
DNS data).

Oh, ... and yes we can also probably generally provide
"slave"(/"secondary") DNS services for those interested (just let me
know if you're interested in that; as our colo space and bandwidth is
being donated to us, we might not be able to offer such to commercial
entities, but can probably cover individuals, non-profits, user groups,
and the like).

Much thanks for any and all DNS "slave" offers.  Apologies in advance
if I don't respond to all such offers (we may receive more offers than
we could possibly make practical use of; much thanks in any case!).

If you're interested in our providing secondary services, just let me
know, and I will get back to you.

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