[buug] Ian Zimmerman @ Au Coquelet Cafe (Berkeley) 7-9 P.M. Wed. Oct. 3rd

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Oct 2 07:48:36 PDT 2007

Yes you're all invited:
Ian Zimmerman will be in the area briefly, so we're doing an informal meet-up:
2007-10-03 (Wed. Oct 3rd) 7-9 P.M. US/Pacific
Au Coquelet Cafe
2000 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA  94704-1006

Some may note this is where BUUG meets (but not when BUUG meets; BUUG will
still have its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday).  And though a
Wednesday, this isn't when BAD meets ... so also thus not officially a BAD

Keysignings?  Sure ... Ian Zimmerman is also an out-of-area resident
presently, so, maybe pick up some signatures from someone a bit further
away than your own backyard.

How to spot us / where to find us:
We'll likely sit where BUUG generally meets - not at the front section
of the cafe, but back behind that section (and typically there, and not
*all* the way back in the "restaurant" section).  Look for some nerdly
folks and/or familiar faces, and maybe even something resembling "BUUG",
"BAD" and/or a Debian swirl to give folks a hint which likely looking
bunch would be us.


Quoting Ian Zimmerman <itz at madbat.mine.nu>:

> Michael> So, ... if 7-9 P.M. Th. Oct. 4th (regular BUUG meeting) is too
> Michael> late for your schedule this time around, shall we have an
> Michael> informal meet-up on Wed. Oct. 3rd 7-9 P.M.?  At the BUUG venue
> Michael> ( Au Coquelet Cafe, 2000 University Ave., Berkeley, CA
> Michael> 94704-1006 [1-510-845-0433])?  If that works for you, should we
> Michael> let the BADies know too (also not the proper date for a BAD
> Michael> meeting, but doesn't mean we can't invite folks for a little
> Michael> informal gathering anyway).  Could even invite folks for
> Michael> keysigning, if you want (hey, you presently qualify as an
> Michael> out-of-area visitor).
> Yes, sounds great.  If you don't mind, do the invites, I'm already packing
> up.

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