[buug] More books coming to BUUG

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 5 23:17:52 PDT 2007

I might not schlep *all* of them to tomorrow's BUUG meeting, but I'll 
bring at least two (and probably three, and perhaps all four) of
these books to tomorrow's BUUG meeting.  Anyway, here are the 
currently remaining BUUG books:
ISBN-13       ISBN-10        Title
9780132350082 0-13-235008-4 Ajax Construction Kit*
9780132354134 0-13-235413-6 The Official ubuntu Book*
9780321480798 0-321-48079-1 RailSpace
9780132242066 0-13-224206-0 Enterprise AJAX
*includes CD(s) and/or DVD(s)

I've also still got a few fresh LINUX and other magazines from 
LinuxWorld and also one last SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 DVD
(based on packaging I'd guess that it was at least originally
published to go with LINUX Magazine Isssue 82 Sep 2007)  - I'll bring
those to tomorrow's BUUG meeting.

Anything that remains from the above after the 2007-09-06 BUUG meeting
I'd hopefully bring to the 2007-09-20 BUUG meeting.


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