[buug] Consolidating access logs from Apache cluster

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Sat Apr 12 23:16:42 PDT 2008

Bill> I'm looking for a "best practices" approach to consolidating web
Bill> logs from a small (2 host) apache cluster.  It would be nice to
Bill> write all access and error log entries into a consolidated
Bill> directory.

One somewhat baroque and home-baked way that comes to mind is to write
an expect(1) script that tails (tail -f) each of the logfiles either
directly (for local files) or over ssh/rsh (for remote) and echoes from
whichever channel had latest input.

Because tail -f could lose some messages you could try to write a very
simple replacement for this case using the Linux specific epoll syscall.
(I happen to know Linux is your platform, on BSD it would be kqueue).

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