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Issue 7-August 2008
Pearson Education User Group Program Newsletter

_News & Announcements_

_New CCNA products from Cisco Press_
Cisco Press recently launched new print and electronic learning tools to
prepare candidates for new CCNA(r) concentrations including CCNA
CCNA Voice, and CCNA Wireless. Click here to read sample chapters or
the social media release. [ http://tinyurl.com/3sw3yp ]

_Microsoft Subnet: The Independent Voice of Microsoft Customers_
Check out Sams Publishing author Eriq Neale, of Windows Small Business
Server 2008 Unleashed, as he blogs on Network World's Microsoft Subnet [
http://www.networkworld.com/subnets/microsoft/index.html ]
during the month of August.

_Just Released: Embeddable Podcast Player!_
Enhance your site's content with embedded OnPodcast Network podcast
from InformIT. Visit InformIT to get the code [
http://www.informit.com/promotions/promotion.asp?promo=136625 ] for the
channel you want,
and just paste it into your site-and you will have dynamically updated
content delivered to an embedded Flash player, powered by Podango.

_Safari Helps Technical and Creative Professionals Like You!_
[safari_small.gif] Safari Books Online is a fully-searchable online
library that provides one integrated source for more than 6,500 expert
reference and learning materials from leading publishers. The site
exclusive access to collections from top technology publishers,
Addison-Wesley Professional, Cisco Press, Exam Cram, IBM Press, Prentice
Hall, Que, Sams, Peachpit Press, O'Reilly Media, John Wiley and Sons,
Microsoft Press.

Dive in and discover Safari Books Online today. Sign up for your _free
at [ http://safari.informit.com ]http://safari.informit.com.

_New Podcasts on InformIT_

[ http://www.itunes.com/podcast?id=278745192 ]Click to subscribe to the
OnBizTech video podcast in iTunes Listen to the
authors of _Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty and Happiness after the
Digital Explosion_ discuss their book and how the revolution in digital
information transforms our lives.

Each author brings a unique background to the conversation: _Harry
former Dean of Harvard College and current Gordon McKay Professor of
Computer Science at Harvard College, includes Bill Gates and Mark
of Facebook fame as former students; _Hal Abelson_ is the Class of 1922
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, and an
Fellow; and _Ken Ledeen_ is the current Chairman/CEO of Nevo

_>> Listen to Part 1 [
c6c4351a2443 ]:_ How technology is shattering centuries-old
assumptions about privacy, identity, free expression, and personal
as more and more details of our lives are captured as digital data.

_>> Listen to Part 2 [
df70621182e2 ]:_ How the convenience of data has caused a loss of

_>> Listen to Part 3 [
01a6f0411033 ]:_ How the increase of data access simultaneously
makes us better and worse informed.

_User Groups of the Month_

_Atlanta, GA: Atlanta SPIN_ provides a forum for the free and open
of software process improvement experiences and ideas. Meetings are open
all individuals, companies, universities, and government organizations
have an interest in software quality, maturity, and process improvement.
goal of the group is to enhance members' knowledge and skills through an
active program of networking, publication, local and national speakers,
recognition of excellence, and mutual support. Learn more at
http://www.atlantaspin.org [ http://www.atlantaspin.org ].

_Evansville, IN: Evansville Cisco User Group_'s goal is to provide a
experience in gaining and sharing knowledge, achieving professional
development and career achievement in the realm of Cisco technologies.
group formed out of a desire to start a regular meeting place where
professionals can meet, hear educational speakers and, most importantly
learn, from each other. Fore more information, visit
http://www.evansvillecug.org [ http://www.evansvillecug.org ].

_Now on InformIT.com_
_Highlights from July_

Top Article: Xbox 360 Exposed [
http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=430626 ]
Top Chapter: SQL Server Stored Procedure Basics [
http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=25288 ]
Top Reference Guide: C++ [
http://www.informit.com/guides/guide.aspx?g=cplusplus ]
Top Podcast: Scott Meyers on C++ OX - Part 1 (video) [
02248d8b9d50 ]
Top Blog: On Becoming a VMware Certified Professional (VCP) [
d-Professional-VCP ]
Thank you for reading the Pearson Education User Group Program monthly
newsletter for official group members. Please pass this along to your
                 colleagues and share our news and offers.

_In the Store_
[ http://www.informit.com/title/1587202204 ]CCNA Security Official Exam
Certification Guide

CCNA Security Official Exam Certification Guide [
http://www.informit.com/title/1587202204 ]
          By Michael Watkins, Kevin Wallace
[ http://www.informit.com/title/1587057662 ]CCNA Security Quick

CCNA Security Quick Reference [ http://www.informit.com/title/1587057662
       By Anthony Sequeira

[ http://www.informit.com/title/1587057670 ]CCNA Voice Quick Reference

CCNA Voice Quick Reference [ http://www.informit.com/title/1587057670 ]
       By Michael Valentine

[ http://www.informit.com/title/0132350882 ]Clean Code

Clean Code [ http://www.informit.com/title/0132350882 ]
       By Robert C. Martin

[ http://www.informit.com/title/0789738031 ]Cloud Computing: Web-Based
Applications That Change the Way You Work and
Collaborate Online

Cloud Computing: Web-Based Applications That Change the Way You Work and
       Collaborate Online [ http://www.informit.com/title/0789738031 ]
       By Michael Miller

[ http://www.informit.com/title/0137132603 ]Enterprise Ajax (Video
Training): Building Robust Ajax Applications

Enterprise Ajax (Video Training): Building Robust Ajax Applications [
http://www.informit.com/title/0137132603 ]
       By David W. Johnson, Alexei White, Andre Charland

[ http://www.informit.com/title/0321533925 ]Essential C# 3.0: For .NET
Framework 3.5, 2nd Ed.

Essential C# 3.0: For .NET Framework 3.5, 2nd Ed. [
http://www.informit.com/title/0321533925 ]
       By Mark Michaelis

[ http://www.informit.com/title/0672329832 ]LINQ Unleashed: for C#

LINQ Unleashed: for C# [ http://www.informit.com/title/0672329832 ]
       By Paul Kimmel

[ http://www.informit.com/title/0137136684 ]The Official Ubuntu Book,
3rd Ed.

The Official Ubuntu Book, 3rd Ed. [
http://www.informit.com/title/0137136684 ]
       By Benjamin Mako Hill, Corey Burger, Jonathan Jesse, Jono Bacon

[ http://www.informit.com/title/0789737949 ]The Truth About Email

The Truth About Email Marketing [
http://www.informit.com/title/0789737949 ]
       By Simms Jenkins

[ http://www.informit.com/title/0789737930 ]The Truth About Identity

The Truth About Identity Theft [
http://www.informit.com/title/0789737930 ]
       By Jim Stickley

[ http://www.informit.com/title/0672330288 ]Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Unleashed [
http://www.informit.com/title/0672330288 ]
       By Rand Morimoto, Jeff Guillet

[ http://www.informit.com/title/0789737973 ]YouTube for Business

YouTube for Business [ http://www.informit.com/title/0789737973 ]
       By Michael Miller

[ http://www.informit.com/title/0321552636 ]Xcode 3 Unleashed

Xcode 3 Unleashed [ http://www.informit.com/title/0321552636 ]
       By Fritz Anderson

Be sure you're logged in when shopping and have entered your membership
to receive your 35% discount! _>> [ http://www.informit.com/store ]See
all titles_

_Authors and Events: August_

_August 1-31-Cisco Subnet_
Follow Cisco Press author Yusuf Bhaiji as he guest-blogs during the
month of
August on [ http://www.networkworld.com/subnets/cisco ]Network World's
Cisco Subnet.

_August 5-7-LinuxWorld_
[ http://www.linuxworldexpo.com/live/12 ]LinuxWorld  features  more than
100 top-tier, educational sessions
covering seven tracks that reach deep into Linux and open source
trends. See the latest products and services from hundreds of top
and make the right choices for your enterprise at the industry's
Linux and open source resource. Stop by booth #1529 at the San Francisco
Moscone Center to meet Pearson representatives and check out the latest
releases in open source products.

_August 12-Simms Jenkins at AAM_
Simms Jenkins, author of _The Truth About Email Marketing_, will be
at the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) conference [
http://www.accountingmarketing.org/calendar.asp ] in Atlanta,

_Have a User Group event in your area? Let us know!_
E-mail details to usergroups at informit.com [
mailto:usergroups at informit.com ] for consideration in next
month's newsletter. Please include "User Group Event" in the subject

_User Group Offers_
www.informit.com/usergroupwelcome [
http://www.informit.com/usergroupwelcome ]

_Special Discount on TechEd 2008 bestsellers _
For a limited time, Addison-Wesley and Sams Publishing are delighted to
announce a special 35% discount when you buy two or more bestsellers
TechEd Orlando. To receive your 35% off, enter the coupon code
(case sensitive) upon checkout. This offer is good until August 31, 2008
even better - standard shipping within the U.S. is free! Shop now on
InformIT. [
http://www.informit.com/promotions/promotion.aspx?promo=136617 ]

_Coming Soon: CCNA Network Simulator_
Sign  up  to  be informed when a sample demo from CCNA 640-802 Network
Simulator is live and the product is available for pre-order. Register
to receive updates via email. [
http://www.ciscopress.com/promotions/promotion.asp?promo=136326 ]

_Great Deals on Sams Teach Yourself titles: the best way to learn a new
Whatever your need or time frame, there's a Sams Teach Yourself book for
you. Take the opportunity to get up to speed on just about any new
or technology. Sams Teach Yourself makes learning quick, easy, and even
little bit fun.

[ http://www.informit.com/content/downloads/usergroups/225x225_BN_ad.jpg
]Save 40% on select Sams Teach Yourself titles at Barnes & Noble From
July 31 to August 27, Barnes and Noble is offering a 40% discount on
and bestselling titles in the Sams Teach Yourself series. Share the news
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can take advantage of this great offer!

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_Exclusive monthly contest_
Don't forget to submit your entry for the August User Group contest.
www.informit.com/usergroupwelcome [
http://www.informit.com/usergroupwelcome ] or
www.ciscopress.com/usergroup [ http://www.ciscopress.com/usergroup ]
(for Cisco User Groups) to complete the registration form. One entry per
person per month, please. Come back each month for your chance to win!

_Whitepaper: Improving Application Development with Digital Libraries_
Learn how on-demand access to trusted information is used to overcome
delays and rework in the application development process-through
and accuracy-in this Safari Books Online-commissioned whitepaper [
eb.pdf ].

_Affiliate Program gives back_
Visit the Affiliate Program FAQ page [
http://www.informit.com/affiliates/faq.aspx ] today to learn more about
an easy
and effective way to put money back in your group's pocket-by earning a
referral fee on every purchase on InformIT.

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_Want us to do all the work?_
While respecting the privacy of every User Group's distribution list, we
offer the option of sending the monthly newsletter directly to members'
mailboxes   on   your   behalf.   Interested?   Send   your   list  to
usergroups at informit.com [ mailto:usergroups at informit.com ] and leave the
rest up to us! Single members can
also    sign    up   to   receive   it   each   month   by   e-mailing
usergroups at informit.com [ mailto:usergroups at informit.com ] with the word
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Please contact usergroups at informit.com [ mailto:usergroups at informit.com
] and include your user group name,
relevant topic area, and type of inquiry in the subject line (for
"Southern California Cisco Users Group - Networking").


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