[buug] How to show directory at prompt?

Gary Yang garyyang6 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 31 13:58:50 PST 2008

  My path includes several directories. See below as an example.
  I only want to show the directory, gary_scripts (the third directory in the path) at the prompt. The directory gary_scripts shows at the prompt when I am in this directory or its sub-directories. It is not showed at prompt if I am not under this directory. I can easily make it in Korn Shell using the lines below. I put these two lines in a file and source it. But, I am no good at C-Shell. Anyone has idea of how to do it in C-Shell?
  my_cd() { \cd "$1"; PS1="`hostname`:`pwd | awk -F/ '{print $4}'`>"; }
  alias cd=my_cd

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