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  March 2008

Pearson Education User Group Program Quarterly Newsletter

Thank you for reading the Pearson Education User Group Program
quarterly newsletter for official group members. Please pass this
along to your colleagues and share our news and offers.

News & Announcements

InformIT OnPodcast Network--Also at iTunes!
Visit [1]www.informit.com/podcasts to hear conversations with thought
leaders in technology and view our complete archive of audio and video

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Authors & Events

[6]Bulldog Reporter's Media Relations Summit 2008
April 6-8, 2008 / San Francisco, California
Internet and search engine marketing expert author Mike Moran will
present a keynote.

[7]RSA Conference
April 7-11, 2008 / San Francisco, California
Stop-by the Addison-Wesley Professional Booth #1257 to check out our
latest security books. Authors speaking include: Gary McGraw, Avi
Rubin, Brian Chess, Jacob West, Billy Hoffman, and Phillip
Hallam-Baker. Come by at the end of the show and take books home for
your group!

Visit [8]www.rsaconference.com/2008/US/ before April 4, 2008, and
pre-register for your FREE Expo pass--a $100 value. Enter the
registration qualification code EXH8AWP during your online
registration and pick up your badge on site.

May 6-9, 2008 / San Francisco, California
Mark your calendars for Sun Microsystem's annual JavaOne bash! Pearson
will be there in full force- as will many of its authors. Stay tuned
for more details.

[10]Tech-Ed 2008
June 3-13, 2008 / Orlando, Florida
Come by our booth and get the latest information on Microsoft
technologies. Check out many of our expert authors' sessions and get
your book signed!

[11]Cisco Live
June 22-26, 2008 / Orlando Florida
Join Cisco Press at the annual Cisco IT and communications conference.
More than 7,000 Cisco customers and partners will come together to
explore the latest IT business trends, share ideas, and network with
industry experts.

In the Store
[12]AJAX, Rich Internet Applications, and Web Development for

[13]AJAX, Rich Internet Applications, and Web Development for
       By Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel

            [14]ASP.NET 3.5 Ajax Unleashed

[15]ASP.NET 3.5 Ajax Unleashed
       By Robert Foster

            [16]CCNA Preparation Library, Seventh Edition

[17]CCNA Preparation Library, Seventh Edition
       By Stephen McQuerry

            [18]Cisco Firewall Video Mentor

[19]Cisco Firewall Video Mentor
       By David Hucaby

            [20]CompTIA A+ Windows Simulator

[21]CompTIA A+ Windows Simulator
       By Elizabeth Smith, Robin Graham

            [22]Fedora Unleashed, 2008 Edition

[23]Fedora Unleashed, 2008 Edition
       By Andrew Hudson, Paul Hudson

            [24]Java Fundamentals I and II (Video LiveLessons)

[25]Java Fundamentals I and II (Video LiveLessons)
       By Deitel and Associates

            [26]Ruby Phrasebook

[27]Ruby Phrasebook
       By Jason Clinton

            [28]Sams Teach Yourself Django in 24 Hours

[29]Sams Teach Yourself Django in 24 Hours
       By Brad Dayley

            [30]The New School of Information Security

[31]The New School of Information Security
       By Adam Shostack, Andrew Stewart

[32]Windows Server 2008 Unleashed

[33]Windows Server 2008 Unleashed
       By Rand Morimoto, Michael Noel Droubi, Omar Droub, Ross Mistry,
       Chris Amaris

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membership code to receive your 35% discount!

[34]See All Titles

Get Online Access to Books as They're Written

[roughcuts_logo.gif] The Rough Cuts service from Safari Books Online
gives you access to an evolving manuscript that you can read online or
download as a PDF and print. Check out the latest [35]Rough Cuts from
Pearson Education imprints.

User Group Offers

Exclusive User Group Contest
The Pearson Education User Group Program offers a monthly contest to
user group members only. Each month a different prize pack on a
specific technology topic will be available! Simply complete the
registration form to enter; one entry per person please (duplicates
are discarded). Bookmark [37]www.informit.com/usergroupwelcome and
come back each month for your chance to win!

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