[buug] Berkeley Installfest, Talks, Potluck- 1) Structure

john_re john_re at fastmail.us
Thu May 22 21:06:13 PDT 2008

OK, we've got 3 people who have volunteered to help on this (one in
LongBeach). That's enough to move to the question - is anyone else
interested in _attending_?

This is part 1 of 2 emails. This is some specifics about the proposed
basics of the event (and a request for your improving suggestions).
Part2 (following email) is about "are you interested in attending".

The plan would be to hold a get together each month on the first
Saturday (or maybe Sunday?), perhaps 12N-6PM. In Berkeley (or maybe San

It should be a fun & educational & productive & social event.

It would have 3 parts:
1) Installfest - new & experienced users welcome.
2) Talks (perhaps four to six talks of 15min to 1hr each
   about Distros, Kernel, Hardware, ApplicationSW, Programming, etc)
3) PotLuck - bring some food, maybe barbecue, talk about whatever.

Maybe we could video stream the talks to other groups around the world
who could hold similar events in their locality.

For the 1st meeting (tentatively June 7 Sat) some talk possibilities
1) Difference between Ubuntu8.4 & Debian
2) OLPC - Sugar OS project
3) Google Summer of Code - how you can help
4) PGP & personal keysigning
5) Mozilla 3 - the beta's features & how to help
  - the "show me the code" session?
6) Python08 conference highlights
7) LinuxPicnic (in SiValley) preparations/planning/how to help

What other topics are hot now & would be good to have talks on?
What would you like to hear a talk on?
Would you like to _give_ a talk? What subject?

Would anyone like to volunteer to be speaker coordinator?
Perhaps there's a way to let speaker suggestion & selection be done by
the group. Just post ideas/speakers to the group maillist, & if some #
(2? 5?) of people reply saying "yes", then that speaker is OK'd by the
group to present.

What suggestions to implement or improve these ideas do you have?

Next: Please read the following RSVP% email, & respond.

Thank you. :)
  john_re at fastmail.us

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