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Sun Nov 2 23:06:26 PST 2008

In searching for a low-cost 56kbps USB modem, I discovered the
Actiontec, which has very favorable reviews at Amazon.com, including
how robust it is in a Linux environment. Read 'em here:


The modem is $30 at amazon (plus shipping, plus tax), while on eBay,
it's only $25 total...but I'm posting the Amazon URL, 'cause of the

Does anyone in this group know of any other highly rated but
inexpensive USB modems, that I should consider? I'm talking under $40,

Yes, so my Asus Eee PC 1000HA arrived five days ago, and I'm having a
ball. Going to the Berkeley Library and comfy coffeehouses w/free
wifi...this is most enjoyable. But alas, once home I'm back to 56kbps
access! Rather than network my subnotebook w/my desktop, I just want
to get rid of that ol' box...and that is why I need an external modem,
'cause the box uses a cheap Windoze-only PCI card. But I'll keep some

I plan to convert my DVD-RW drive to a USB external, once the case I
ordered arrives...that cost $21 total (eBay again, wheee!). Too bulky
to port, of course, but it will serve its purpose at home for the
nonce. Eventually, I'll acquire a mini-DVD drive.

I could also do same for Drives 0 and 1, though considering their
diminutive sizes (80gb and 20gb resepctively), I don't see what
purpose I'd put them through. I know, backing up, but:

I'm now using an 8gb SDHD card to back up my data...got it for $19
total at eBay. My data to date  :b  is a mere 2.2gb, so it'll be a
long time I'll need bigger backup.

Once I scour both HD's, if anyone here wants 'em, give a holler...the
price is right ($000.00).

Still waiting on delivery of the Ubuntu-loaded USB stick, so I doubt
I'll have it in time for  this Thurs.'s meet. I'm wondering now, if I
should have Ubunto loaded on the SD card instead? I love the idea of
the card's being flush w/the netbook's edge, as opposed to a memory
stick jutting out. I could use the stick for backing up, instead.

Well, I know I've come to the right people, 'cause I'll probably need
assistance installing Ubuntu to the card. But first, I'll see what I
can dig up on the web. I might even chose a different Linux flavor.

Hey, I visited Au Coquelet to discover: NO free wifi! :(  Maybe you
guys bring your own booster w/wireless router? Then again, maybe
i-access would be a distraction from meatspace badinage!

Oh, almost forgot: I invite everyone to view my latest blog entry,
which is all about my Asus netbook:

Big Plans For A Tiny PC

See some of you BUUGS Thursday! (Barring of course, a technological

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