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On 11/6/08, Joel Davis <joeld42 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I just installed ubuntu eeePc on my eeePC... its' SO MUCH better than the
> default xandros. Except I can't seem to get the camera to work yet but I
> haven't really tried to troubleshoot that.

Sounds like you're havin' fun, Joel! I'm still waiting on the arrival of a
USB flash drive eeeUbunto all the way from hacker-rich Israel. Wait'll
I get my grubby little geek hands on it!

You do know don't you, that you can tweak Xandros for full desktop
mode. The factory sets it up in "easy" mode. See:

Eee PC Tips: A crash course in Linux

Xandros impresses me as very user-friendly for non-PCnerds: the GUI is
crisp, elegant, and inviting! So much NOT like Windoze. And pretty
much everything you'd want to do on the 'net is set up and ready to
go. VERY low learning curve. I have already turned one person on to
purchasing a netbook, who is NOT interested in getting under the hood,
so to speak. I would NEVER dream of promoting Windoze
netbooks...unless it's a great deal money-wise, and you plan to
install Linux...or any other *nix.

> I just got a 4GB USB stick (they are on sale for $20 at BestBuy) and
> downloaded the ubuntu eeePC distro.

I got mine at eBay:

Ubuntu 8.04 pre-installed on a USB Bootable Flash Drive. 8 gigs. All
for just $20 total.

> It took about an hour to install, mostly
> unattended. I don't leave the stick installed, just for backup. I would get
> an SDram card if I needed more space.

I suggest you shop at eBay, you can get an 8GB SDHC card for just
$21.38 total. That's what I use for backup. Once my Ubuntu USB stick
shows up, I plan to port the OS over to this card, and use the stick
for backing up.

> I also installed the dropbox client (http://www.getdropbox.com) and it works
> great on the ubuntu install.

Just checked it out, it's an online storage utitlity, and one is
limited to 2GB total, 350mb largest file size. While I don't have a
problem w/file size, the 2gb limit is not workable for my needs...for
I'm sure my data will total somewhat over 3gb in a few months.

For more space, you need to pay dropbox $10/mo. I'm happy with free
storage elsewhere, using sync freeware which I'm just looking into.
Asus provides 20gb free storage for its netbook customers, and plans
to increase that amount to 60gb. There are also other free,
product-independent online storage services, such as adrive (50gb!). I
didn't include xdrive, as they're shutting down in January.

I'm sure you'll have a fantastic, souped-up netbook as you tweak your
Ubuntu system to perfection. Which version of eee PC do you own?
They're all really cool, I'd be happy with any one of them, even the
original 7-inch screen models. Elegant, every single one! What do you
use your netbook for...mostly just tweaking? That alone makes it worth
more than its monetary price.

Also just discovered by yours truly is another "netbook" site, where
the author prefers the term "liliputer"...very good material:


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