[buug] various computer technical books @ ~1820 Carleton St. 'til aprox. Wed. A.M.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Nov 24 14:44:49 PST 2008

FYI, I noticed earlier, about 3 crates/boxes/bags of mostly computer technical
books by the curb, out in front of approximately 1820 Carleton St. in

Quite a mix of stuff, but I noticed C++, Java, Visual Basic, NT,
and quite a number of topics/books (e.g. various certification exame
study books too, etc.). ... anyway, mostly various computer
technical stuff (languages, applications, operating systems).

Most of the stuff looked a bit older (guestimating 3 to 7+ years) ...
I didn't look in a whole lot of detail, but the preceeding is my
impression/recollection of what I saw at relatively quick glance.

If one's interested, I'd guestimate they'd need to be grabbed before sometime
Wed. A.M. - as they're likely headed for curbside recycling mixed paper
pickup sometime Wed. A.M.

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