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On 10/24/08, Michael Cheselka <cheselka at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Peter,

Hey there Michael!

> Is this a 1000H or 1000HA?  The HA model is not really as good as the
> recent models and is more of a 900 series.
> Some unscrupulous sellers list 1000HA machines like this "1000H A".

It IS advertised as that: "1000H A", but the seller has an excellent
rating:  100% Positive since Mar-06-99. So it's silly for him to feel
he needs to trick customers, if that is indeed his intent, considering
that the "HA" is nonetheless an excellent netbook.


The 1000HA released in October of 2008 also costs less then the 1000H
but has the same Intel Atom 1.6Ghz CPU, 160GB HDD, and 1GB of RAM. It
does not however have Bluetooth or wireless N.

--end quote

I can live w/o those two features, easily. What really matters to me
is that I get the Atom CPU, and it's 1Ghz or higher (NO Celeron for
me), 1GB RAM, wireless, very compact and light, 10" screen, decent
keyboard, generous HD (for me just 40GB would do it), lots of ports
including VGA and card slots, low energy use, long battery life, and

It DOES have wireless G. AND the integrated webcam, but I really don't
need that, either...since my plan is for a USB connected mini-cam,
that I can pin to my coat, with the netbook concealed. I want to
surreptitiously video-record certain political events, and the street
scene here in SF and  Berkeley.

> Regards,
> Mike

Thanks for the heads-up MIke.  I'm sure I'll have my netbook by the
time of BUUG's next meeting. I'll bring it!

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