[buug] Drunk on WINE

Pewter Bot pewterbot9 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 17:28:50 PDT 2009

Learning how to use WINE, having a great time (wish you were here)!
The first application I installed w/wine is a very useful note
taker/keeper called "treepad"...which does have a Linux version,
though the windoze version is more sophisticated. So thanks to wine, I
can now have back one of my favorite note organizers.

I have also found that notetab (my favorite text editor) works great
too. These are both freeware versions BTW. Seems that, if you can't
successfully install a windoze program via wine, don't give up yet.
Try installing it the conventional way, in windoze (assuming it's
already installed in another partition), then just try running it from

None of the programs listed with wine are freeware, so I just have to
use trial and error. Now, I miss the great free windoze games I can
download from my favorite games site, "Abandonia Reloaded":

But to my delight, they seem to install fine via/wine, sound and all!
I can also run my favorite quick and dirty image editor, Irfanview.
(And of course, Linux's own native gimp is fabulous for more
sophisticated image work.)

Of course, I've just begun playing with wine, and I have much more to
learn. Here's a neat site I just discovered:

Frank's Corner: running windows applications and games on linux

Zeke Krahlin
City of the Undead

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