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{{ Looking at the reply i Got, i can assure you I am not a sales man. }}

Glad to hear it. The next meeting is this Thursday, 7pm at the Cafe Au
Coquelet, which is located at the corner of University and Milvia. You
can always see our meeting times/location on our home page:


{{ I plan on coming with lots of questions and problems. about my
Linux os i installed. and what os would you all recommend for people
who are new to this operating system. }}

I'm a newbie myself...strongly recommend ubuntu linux for your distro.

{{ an example question i would have asked there would have been What laptop
would be the most compatible with the most distros of linux including
freebsd opensuse fedora Debian and others. }}

I use a netbook, the "Asus eee pc 1000 HA" w/eeebuntu (which is ubuntu
customized for netbooks)...and am very pleased. I connect it to a
larger desktop lcd screen when home.

As for standard laptops, there are many excellent brands...and were I
in the market, I'd purchase a Dell, with ubuntu preinstalled. But if
you don't mind installing Linux yourself, I'd go for a Lenovo model.

Refurbished laptops can be a great deal, too. Just make sure you
purchase it from a reliable company such as tigerdirect. If you try
eBay, make sure the seller has a rating of more than 95% and has been
doing business there for at least two years.

Of course, google for "best laptops for linux" to see other opinions. Such as:


In general, you want a durable machine that is i686 architecture. If
new: with a good warranty and customer support. What about the
components...all Linux ready? Video, wifi, hard drive, DVD, sound,
durability, heat factor, etc. If it comes with Windows preinstalled, I
recommend you stay with XP if possible (not Vista or 7), then
repartition the Windoze section to around 35-45gb, using the rest for
Linux. (You may void the warranty in doing this, however.)

How's that for a start? See you this Thursday with all your questions, Mike!

Zeke Krahlin
City of the Undead

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