[buug] Firefox/Iceweasel focus woes

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Tue Apr 28 08:06:06 PDT 2009

How often do you try to scroll a page with Up, Down, PageUp or PageDown
just to find that the focus is either in a form widget, or worse, in some
chrome element that doesn't even draw a visible focus indicator?  So you
have to reach for the rodent, cursing? [1]

Any solution for this?  A solution need not be of the technology kind;
it could be a process or discipline to make sure I don't end up in this
situation, i.e. the page keeps focus at all times.

OTOH, as an example of a non-solution, consider


[1] In theory, hitting Tab enough times will eventually put the focus on
the page.  But if the focus is on a form widget in the middle of the page
and there are many such widgets, "enough" may be "too many".  And don't
even get me started about focus on chrome, in that case I don't even know
hown many is enough.  Argh!

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