[buug] Firefox/Iceweasel focus woes

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Tue Apr 28 13:42:34 PDT 2009

On the semi-cloudy/sunny day of Tue, 28 Apr 2009 Ian Zimmerman
<itz at buug.org> posted:

{{ How often do you try to scroll a page with Up, Down, PageUp or
PageDown just to find that the focus is either in a form widget, or
worse, in some chrome element that doesn't even draw a visible focus
indicator?  So you
have to reach for the rodent, cursing? }}

My deity, the whole planet's going to Hades in a spaghetti-loop
handbasket, and that's all that bothers you? Well then, try this on
for size:

Using Firefox 3.09: not only is there no cursor focus on the address
bar upon loading, but when I do click on that bar, it doesn't
immediately select the entire URL...I actually have to click and drag
the cursor across, and then (and only then) can I proceed to copy!

Zeke Krahlin
City of the Undead

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