[buug] Saturday May 2 - Global Linux Conference via VOIP - BerkeleyTIP - 21 Videos - For forwarding

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Thu Apr 30 03:08:03 PDT 2009

Join with the friendly productive Global FreeSW HW & Culture community,
in the TWICE monthly, Voice over internet Global Conference:

  BerkeleyTIP-Global:   GNU(Linux), BSD, & All Free SW, HW, & Culture

  TIP = Talks, Installfest, Project/Programming Party
  Educational, Productive, Social.

=====  TWO meetings each month:
 1st Saturday - May 2
 3rd Sunday   - May 17
 10AM-6PM Pacific (GMT -8H) time,
   =  1P - 9P Eastern
   =  6PM - 2AM (Saturday to Sunday) GMT
   Join in as short or long as you like.

=====  Join the Global BerkeleyTIP mailing list
Say "Hi" & your interests & where you're from.

=====  LOCATION - ONLINE, IN YOUR AREA, OR AT U. California Berkeley
  Voice over Internet (VOIP) info:

Local meetings outside Berkeley - Alpha test:
Someone might try to connect from UCLA, SanJose State or SanFran State.
You are invited to join the tests by attending there.
For details, read the BT-Global mailing list.

=====  NEW VIDEOS for 2009 May: Saturday 2nd , & Sunday 17th
21 Videos/Talks this month. ~5 are short - 1-10 minutes.

Ubuntu 9.04 Just out - Jaunty Jackalope, Mark Shuttleworth
Overview of Ext4, Theodore Tso
Python 2.6 & 3.0 Compatibility, from PyCon 2009
The Linux Framebuffer, Heather Stern
Free Culture: One Laptop Per Child, NPR/PRI
Free Culture: Akamai, For streaming TED video over the internet
Development on the OpenMoko with hackable, Pierre Pronchery
State of the X window, Keith Packard & Barton Massey
Diversity in KDE, Till Adam and Adriaan deGroot
Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) using Asterisk, Sameer Verma

== The 2009 Linux Foundation Collaborative Summit:
Tux's Superpowers - If Tux were a superhero, what powers would he have?
When did you hear about Linux for the First Time?
Linux Foundation "We're Linux" Contest winners

== BSD CON DC 2009:
Faster Packets: Performance tuning in OpenBSD networks  Henning Brauer
Network Perimeter Redundancy with pfsense, Chris Buechler
Network Security Monitoring Using FreeBSD, Richard Bejtlich
Process Isolation for NetBSD and OpenBSD, Kristaps Dzonsons
OpenBSD vs SMP, Threading, and Concurrency, Ted Unangst
Isolating Cluster Jobs for Performance and Predictability, Brooks Davis

== Debconf 2008
Healthy CDDs Strategies for building a Custom Deb Distro, Andreas Tille
Packaging with version control systems, martin f. krafft

Thanks to all the speakers, videographers, & organizations.   :)
Please excuse if I mistyped names.  <8-0
I hereby invite the speakers to attend BTIP for Q&A & discussion.
Please notify the speakers if you know how to contact them, thanks.  :)

Download the videos & watch them before or during the meeting.
Join online during the relevant topic hour to discuss each video.
See longer talk descriptions, & download URLs, here:

4 PM.  Let us know in advance what you'd like to talk about.  :)

===== SCHEDULE / AGENDA 10AM - 6PM Pacific time (= GMT - 8 Hours)
 10 A   Set up.  Get on IRC & VOIP
 11 A   INSTALLFEST begins;
          Group ProgP: VOIP Conference client/server - Ekiga & Asterisk
 12 N   OLPC; Games; Education; Database; Business
 1 P    Sys/Net Admin; GUI: KDE & GNOME
 2 P    Free Culture - Wikipedia, CreativeCommons, etc.; Law; GNU
 3 P    Distros: Debian, Ubuntu, BSD, etc.; Science & Engineering;
        Programming Languages
 4 P    LIGHTNING TALKS; Hardware- Ex: OpenMoko Phone;
 5 P    Art/Literature/Music/Humanities;
        Internet/Website; Local meetings arrangements

Join in on IRC, & we'll help you get on VOIP.   :) 

IRC: #BerkeleyTIP, irc.freenode.net
Hardware: VOIP Headset- (USB recommended for echo cancellation?)
Software: Ekiga(GnomeMeeting) recommended. SIP
VOIP server: Ekiga.net

Work on your own project, or the group project.
Share details of your project on IRC, VOIP & the mailing list.  Invite
others to join in your project.
Or, work on the group project - Learning about & Improving Ekiga,
Asterisk, & our VOIP conference system/technology.

Mark you calendar: May 2 Saturday, May 19 Sunday

I hope you join in the meeting.   :)

Join by yourself, or invite  your friends over & have a party.  Have a
party at your home, or at a local to you location - a WiFi cafe, or at a
college or university is a great place for a meeting.   :)

You are invited to forward this message wherever appropriate - Ex:
perhaps your local meeting group (LUG, etc).

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