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Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Thu Apr 30 10:57:07 PDT 2009

[the WB wrote]
>>>    If I want to put a unix os on a pc(not linux), is a unix os(not linux)
>>>    available as freeware? what is the best source? Is berkeley unix available
>>>    as freeware? Is BSD berkeley unix? I mean is it exactly like what you
>>>    would get if you went to the university and logged on to their machine?

[I wrote]
> If you want something other than a wild guess, you might read this...
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD#Significant_BSD_descendants

And here's a chart of what variants are most popular as of 2005...


Note that BSD (and Linux) are not actually Unix(TM) in that the
proprietary code that was written under that trademarked name was all
replaced (in the BSD case) or never there (in the Linux case).

Anyone out there in BUUG-land actually know for a fact what is used at
U.C. Berkeley?  I assume it varies by department.  What are you
actually interested in, William, computer science?  General computer
labs?  Engineering labs?  (I hear computer labs in universities are
closing now that everyone has their own computers)

Also, what aspect are you looking at when you talk about Unix and
not-Linux?  Is it really kernel aspects (where BSD and Linux differ in
their nature) or userland aspects (the SYSV-like and GNU style of
Linux (e.g. "ps -ef") vs. the BSD style (e.g. "ps aux")

And, hey, if you want Real(tm) Not-Linux(tm) Unix(tm) you could always
go deal with the likes of SCO and Novell (cough cough)...


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