[buug] BayPIGgies meeting Thursday August 27, 2009: NEW: Managing Software Developers

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Wed Aug 26 17:33:55 PDT 2009

BayPIGgies meeting Thursday August 27, 2009: Managing Software

There's a last minute change in the BayPIGgies meeting: Alex Martelli 
will present his thoughts on managing a software development team. 

Title: Managing Software Developers 
by Alex Martelli 

Managing software development projects can benefit from some
approaches that are rather different from most traditional management
techniques. Software developers operate with their own particular
mindset, culture, and reward system. To motivate and inspire a top
programming team, one type of ideal manager is a technical peer who
can jump into the code and work hands-on, together with the
developers, to solve thorny problems. Such technical involvement can
keep a project moving forward and help the manager build credibility
and trust within the team.

In this talk, Alex Martelli discusses some common management myths,
and shares some immediately useful advice for anyone involved in
managing software development projects.

NOTE BayPIGgies meets at the Symantec Vcafe, 
at Symantec's location at 350 Ellis Street in Mountain View. 

BayPIGgies meeting information is available at 

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