[buug] Atheros wifi & Ubuntu

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Sat Feb 21 12:21:50 PST 2009

From: Grant Bowman <grantbow at gmail.com>

Very interesting find!  I didn't see what chipset that uses.  Please
let the list know how that works for you.

I'm taking a bit of a gamble, don't know the chipset, either. Am
hoping it comes with its own built-in driver, to make things more of a
no-hassle. We'll see! And thanks for those Linux wireless links,
Grant; most interesting.

Unfortunately it's getting a bit dated.

I know the feeling. :b

I would suggest pairing your omni directional antenna with one of
these http://www.freeantennas.com/projects/template2/index.html made
from foil and a few manilla folders as it will give you about 12 dbi
more gain.

Nice! I don't do wireless at home (only public areas), but no harm in
playing around with that. Besides: my tin foil hat could do with a
second purpose!

Zeke Krahlin

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