[buug] MBR Crash

Thiago Souza Araujo prof.araujo at unidavi.edu.br
Sat Jun 13 08:22:32 PDT 2009

Hello to you all,

I work with 2 laptops, one with the old and good linux and other with
winVista, for profissionals reasons I have to work with both simultaneosly.

Yesterday I saw a link "compiz for windows vista" and tried to install it on
my winvista notebook. An openSuSE installation poped up with graphics
elements only...
I clicked to proceed without think and... Nothing happenned.

At least till I re-started. Then Grub was there (it shouldnt be... I was
using only winVista on that notebook), incapable to boot both windows or

I tried to recover using the recover dvd, and with command line with the
command fix Mbr and chkdsk. Nothing. Dell support couldnt help me and the
same with microsoft. So, how it is not a matter of windows but a matter of
MBR recover.

I thought someone around here could help me...

I am quite sure the problem beyond Grub, there is no way to pass the command
to winvista, I believe this joke crashed the Bcdsect ... system of Win

I recovered data using the command "force" to mount the HD with a Linux live
cd, but... there are some digital certificates I would not like to loose....

Thank you in advance,


Prof. Araujo
Thiago Souza Araújo


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