[buug] Ubuntu 8.10 update: connect!

Pewter Bot pewterbot9 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 01:30:26 PDT 2009

Hey BUUGers! I have just connected to the net for the first time, via
the venerable linux distro named "Intrepid Ibex". Since I don't have
broadband at home, and no one I know where I could connect via LAN, I
needed to activate good ol' dialup in order to be online for
updating/downloading packages to complete the installation.

Ubuntu (I learned with hindsight) no longer includes built-in
dialup...so I downloaded and installed gnome-ppp. But it's kinda
glitchy, had to manually edit the settings, 'cause the gui kept
forcing "analog" on my USB modem! Still, I could only connect as root,
not as user...even though I put the correct settings in ".wvdial.conf"
and "wvdial.conf". And I did re-login as user, etc.

So I learned another method, using the "pon" command from terminal.
Some fussing around, and voila! I am now connected as user, typing
this email! In fact, I'm downloading the updated package information,
in preparation to activate multimedia files.

I guess the next thing to do, is secure my system better with a
firewall. So that's what I'll learn next.

I also think I got my Atheros wifi chip recognized by Ubuntu...it does
alert me to a list of wireless connections...none of which I can
really use, as they're all secured. So tomorrow, I will try a reall
connect from Tully's Coffeehouse on Shattuck. I understand that many
have gotten poor results with this chip, weak connections or a lot of
disconnect. Fortunately, I also have a USB wifi that works well in
Linux, has its own Linux driver, etc. So I'll look into that a little
later down the line.

Uhh, I have another problem with starting programs for the first time:
I can't get to the bottom frame, to click on things like "okay" or
"yes" or "next"...and I can't resize the frame to see it. I'll show ya
at the next meeting.

Now comes the transitioning I've been imagining for too many years:
weaning myself totally off Windoze. Gotta celebrate by getting a
penguin decal!

Zeke Krahlin

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