[buug] Ubuntu 8.10 update: wifi connect!

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Fri Mar 13 14:51:42 PDT 2009

Freakin' incredible! After messing with the built-in atheros wifi, and
nothing working...I decided to now try the USB wifi adaptor I
purchased from eBay for $20. Of course, not thinking I'd get it to run
right off, considering the driver and installs it came with, would
confound me (and, I found an error that stopped the installation
cold...a simple typo that should have been "./" instead of "../").

So, I decided to go ahead anyway, and here I am right now as I type,
connected at 54mbps public wifi! All I did was plug in the adapter,
boot up in Ubuntu, and the system recognized it instantly! This is
great: now I can explore the magnificent world of Linux to my hearts
content, while continuing to pursue my online activism. Update manager
is now running at a proper clip (I was updating at 56kbps for the last
two night...did get all the multimedia codecs in less than three

So here's the eBay page for this USB wifi adapter that  works great on
my Asus Eee PC 1000HA:


There is also a youtube geek who swears by two other wifi adapters,
check it out:

Ubuntu wireless - 8.04 - what works

Quoting from his paqe: "Wireless without the nonsense for Ubuntu
Linux. No headaches, just working wireless - models described are the
Edimax EW-7318USG and EW-7318UG - Goto NewEgg.com for both - just use
site search. "

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