[buug] Using swap on an SSD...or not.

Pewter Bot pewterbot9 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 00:48:27 PDT 2009

I read recently, that Windoze netbook users of systems with a solid
state drive (SSD) have been advised to disable swapping. This is
because SSD chips wear out sooner from frequent rewrites, of which
swapping is the major offender.

So I'm thinking about doing something similar in Ubuntu Linux. Only
(instead of eliminating it) I'd make the swap partition reside on an
SDHC card that I'd keep permanently in its slot. My system has 500M
RAM...I could partition, say, 1/4 to 1/2G on an 8G card, using the
rest for data storage and transfer. Is this a workable solution to
prolong the life of my netbook's SSD (also 8G)?

(My 8G SDHC card is a lowly class 2. Should I upgrade to a class 6, or
is this overkill?)


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