[buug] Using swap on an SSD...or not.

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Mon Sep 28 23:38:47 PDT 2009

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> posted:

{{ If you're worried about your SSD wearing out from swap activity,
doesn't the same concern apply to your SDHC card?  Both are based on
NAND flash, you know. }}

What Jon said (he beat me to the punch). I'd like my SSD netbook to
last as long as possible, w/o mucking with the innards. Much easier to
replace the SDHC card.

{{ If your netbook has enough RAM for it, maybe you should try turning
off swap. }}

Well, I stated my RAM to be 500M...and that may be fine for my
stand-alone, single-user system. Or, it may not...this may be a
borderline situation. Tomorrow, I'll run my little Eee PC 701SD
w/Firefox and a few other programs while wifi connected...and see just
how much memory is used.

But I certainly don't use hibernation; it never works right anyway.
And that seems to be the only reason why *some* Linux users claim that
swap is necessary, don't get rid of it. They don't always say why, so
I wasn't sure they were thinking about hibernation mode.

Thanks for your thoughtful replies, Rick and Jon. I have removed swap,
and will see how things go.

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