[buug] login [not] a daemon? ... & CDs

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Thu Dec 2 20:50:52 PST 2010

Michael> Well, ... depends a bit how one logs in, ... may or may not
Michael> *directly* be a daemon, ... but there would at least be inetd
Michael> or xinetd or init somewhere behind it ... it nothing else.  Has
Michael> to be something that forks/execs that shell or
Michael> login/shell/process.

Right, my working definition of daemonness (daemonicity?) was 1. lives
forever and 2. has no controlling tty.  This process will become Karen's
shell (if she ever logs in on that tty) and then will die when she logs
out, only to be promptly replaced by its next incarnation.

Since everything is indirectly a successor of init, from that
perspective everything would be a daemon :P  Not necessarily wrong, but
has interesting implications.

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