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...much to think on...I will get back to you...need to find that other

Classically, login just *exec*s the shell, it doesn't fork a new
> process.  Do you understand the difference?

I think when you fork a process, a copy of the process memory is made and a
new PID is assigned to the new copy, and then it gets to run as its own new

I think when you do an exec in the shell, you are still working within the
same process as the shell.

> It is possible that FreeBSD now does things differently.  I'm very much
> a Linux guy so I wouldn't know.

Professor Harvey, from whom I took Operating Systems, said that we would
work on FreeBSD instead of Linux because it was not, not invented here.
Since I was born in Berkeley, CA, I decided I would try to make FreeBSD my
main OS because I was also NNIH.  :-)

...much more to think on and respond to...

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