[buug] BALUG: Tu 2010-02-16: Michael Paoli on ssh and friends (ssh/scp/sftp/ssh-keygen/ssh-agent/...)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Feb 11 13:19:22 PST 2010

BALUG: Tu 2010-02-16: Michael Paoli on ssh and friends

Bay Area Linux User Group (BALUG)
Tuesday 6:30 P.M. 2010-02-16

Please RSVP if you're planning to come (see further below).

For our 2010-02-16 BALUG meeting (next Tuesday!), we're excited to

Michael Paoli on ssh and friends (ssh/scp/sftp/ssh-keygen/ssh-agent/...)

In this talk, Michael Paoli will cover from the introductory basics
through to intermediate or more, on what ssh (Secure SHell) is, the need
for it, and many of its key capabilities, and associated utilities and
their use.  He'll also include many practical tips, guidelines, various
security considerations and live demonstrations.  Areas to, or likely
to be covered include:
   o What is ssh?
   o Why ssh?
   o History, Open Source, & ssh
   o The basics: how
   o Some common Open Source clients
   o Keys - the good, the bad and the ugly (and how to, and how not to)
   o ssh-agent
   o Authentication forwarding (& benefits & risks)
   o X-11 forwarding - why, and how
   o command arguments and tty allocation, or not
   o port forwarding
   o ssh & related security care and feeding

Got a specific question or area you'd like to see covered in the
presentation about ssh?  Michael Paoli also invites you to drop him a
Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
and he'll likely add it to the talk/presentation if it's not already in

Michael Paoli has been using ssh and friends both personally and
professionally for over a decade.  By profession he's a Linux/Unix
systems administrator with well over a decade of experience, and also
has over ten years experience working in quite security conscious
environments (e.g. major financial institution).  And for fun, he ...
... well, yeah, lots of Linux, etc. stuff in there too.

So, if you'd like to join us please RSVP to:

               rsvp at balug.org

**Why RSVP??**

Well, don't worry we won't turn you away, but the RSVPs really help the
Four Seas Restaurant plan the meal and they help ensure that we'll be
able to eat upstairs in the private banquet room.

Meeting Details...

               Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 2010-02-16

               Four Seas Restaurant http://www.fourseasr.com/
               731 Grant Ave.
               San Francisco, CA 94108
               Easy PARKING:
               Portsmouth Square Garage at 733 Kearny http://www.sfpsg.com/

Cost: The meetings are always free, but dinner is $13

Feedback on our publicity/announcements (e.g. contacts or lists where we
should get our information out that we're not presently reaching, or
things we should do differently): publicity-feedback at balug.org


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