[buug] TONIGHT Join 5-6P Mon 11th - 1st Evening Meeting test IRC & VOIP online Linux at BerkeleyTIP-Global - for forwarding

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Mon Jan 11 03:48:11 PST 2010

You're invited to the first test of the Global Linux bimonthly evening
meetings, BerkeleyTIP-Global.  :)

Join in tonight, Monday Jan 11, 5-6P Pacific, 8-9P Eastern, = Tues Jan
12 1A-2A UTC.

On #berkeleytip on irc.freenode.net,
& on voip - whatever is working - try btip server first.

This will be an online only meeting - no in person meeting at UCB.

Hot topics:  Community Leadership Summit review of interesting sessions,
Spring 2010 efforts for UCB & all UC's & all college activities,
Upcoming KDE conference end of next week, for 1 week, in Los Angeles.

What do _you_ want to discuss?

Some people have asked for an evening meeting, because: a) they can't
make weekend meetings, b) they want more BTIP-Global. ;)

So, this will be a test, everyone invited, to see if we can make this

==  BerkeleyTIP-Global is the Global All Free SW HW & Culture meeting
online via VOIP.

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For Forwarding: You are invited to forward this announcement wherever it
might be appreciated.

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