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Karen Hogoboom khogoboom at gmail.com
Sat Nov 27 07:49:54 PST 2010

Hi Buug,

I'd like to introduce myself and warn you--I have just joined your mailing
list and am thinking I will attend the Thursday meeting.  :-)

Geekfactorwise, "I *am* technical!", but, how can I say this, I was raised

I was born in Berkeley, but not raised here.
I was schooled in Berkeley but did not live here--Malcolm X, Longfellow,
Magic Mountain, Maybeck, UCB (BA Computer Science '98)
I am not anti-social, but do not make friends easily
I was not popular in highschool
My first boyfriend repairs air conditioners
My second contender, who I LJBF'd ended up working at JPL
My ex-husband works at "the lab" but not ours
I was not raised "in the Berkeley network"
I worked at Sybase for awhile
I do not know anyone by their SCA names
I might know some of the people you know--Allen, Elton, Larry, Cynthia,
Cecily, Jym, at least two Bobs and two Marks.
I am female, so I don't "know my stuff" that depth-first-way that guys do.
I'm a breadth-firster
I have only played DnD a few times
I am not powerless over WoW, and I will be hitting the job search hard any
day now

What drives me to you is that I finally wiped my XP machine and put FreeBSD
on it and realized I need to understand the history of X better.  I have
been, by my own bad choices, fate and bad breeding, working in the Microsoft
world for most of my career.  Do I want gnome or kde when I don't even want
to *emulate* MS on this machine?


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