[buug] Y2K and Related Papers?

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On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 8:38 PM, Ian Zimmerman <itz at buug.org> wrote:
> Karen> My first job was babysitting when I was 11 years old, not
> Karen> building a computer in a garage.
> But you _did_ have a garage, right?

Nope.  Right after we pulled out of the Viet Nam war, my mother
couldn't afford to feed me, so her friend allowed me to stay with her
in Denver.  I shared a small two bedroom apartment with her and her

I didn't have access to a computer until I was 19 years old.

Make no assumptions about female programmers who have worked as hard
as I have to attempt to overcome sexism and discrimination in computer
science education and employment.

If you are not worth my attention, I won't give it to you.

Women are NOT free software.

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