[buug] BALUG Tu 2011-09-20: Travis H on Encrypted Storage

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 31 23:40:32 PDT 2011

BALUG Tu 2011-09-20: Travis H on Encrypted Storage

Bay Area Linux User Group (BALUG) meeting
Tuesday 6:30 P.M. 2011-09-20

Please RSVP if you're planning to come (see further below).

For our Tuesday 6:30 P.M. 2011-09-20 meeting, we're proud to present:

Travis H on Encrypted Storage

This is a talk covering the three types of encrypted storage
technologies (application-level, filesystem, block device) in Linux
(and BSD, unless we want to skip those slides).  We will start off a
little abstract, and end up very practical, with LUKS/dm-crypt and
TrueCrypt, and end up with some important discussion about thumb drives
and the limits of what we can achieve.

Travis H is the founder of Bay Area Hacker's Association (BAHA)[1], a
former member of Austin Hacker's Association (AHA), and has been
employed doing security or cryptography for financial institutions, web
client software, top 50 web sites, e-commerce hosting companies, and
other organizations.  He has been part of the largest security
monitoring operation in the world, security consulting startups, helped
design an intrusion detection system, and has taught code-making and
breaking at Stanford.  He also has written a book on security which is
free online.  He is a fan of the Ghost in the Shell franchise, and
collects Matrix-inspired fashion accessories.

1. http://baha.bitrot.info/

See also a bit further below for some additional goodies we'll have at
this meeting (CDs, etc.)

So, if you'd like to join us please RSVP to:

                       rsvp at balug.org

**Why RSVP??**

Well, don't worry we won't turn you away, but the RSVPs really help the
Four Seas Restaurant plan the meal and dining arrangements and such.
We've also tweaked our "door prize" / giveaway practices a bit - so
RSVPing and arriving sufficiently on time increases one's odds of
winning door prize(s) and/or getting first or earlier pick of giveaway

Meeting Details...

                       Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 2011-09-20

                       Four Seas Restaurant http://www.fourseasr.com/
                       731 Grant Ave.
                       San Francisco, CA 94108
                       Easy PARKING:
                         Portsmouth Square Garage at 733 Kearny:

Cost: The meetings are always free, but for dinner, for your gift of $13
       cash, we give you a gift of dinner - joining us for a yummy
       family-style Chinese dinner - tax and tip included (your gift
       also helps in our patronizing the restaurant venue and helping
       to defray BALUG costs such treating our speakers to dinner).

Additional goodies we'll have at this meeting (at least the following):

CDs, etc. - have a peek here:
We do also have some additional give-away items, and may have
"door prizes".


Feedback on our publicity/announcements (e.g. contacts or lists where we
should get our information out that we're not presently reaching, or
things we should do differently): publicity-feedback at balug.org



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