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Karen Hogoboom khogoboom at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 14:55:33 PST 2011

Hi John, Ian, Michael, Heinriques, Charles, and Rick (whom I'm not sure I've
met), and one or two that I met but whose names I've forgotten (I'm sorry),

Michael managed to remind me of my first friends who were boys.  However, we
did not "go together," in the parlance of my generation.

My first crush was on a guy named Chip, but he didn't know I existed because
there was this girl, Laura, and she was the most beautiful kindergartner on
our side of the school.

My first actual friend who was a boy was Phillip, but he scared me one day.


P.S.  Phillip's family later saved the lives of my sister and I when I was
8.  I am very grateful for that.


Hi Buug,
> I'd like to introduce myself and warn you--I have just joined your mailing
> list and am thinking I will attend the Thursday meeting.  :-)
> Geekfactorwise, "I *am* technical!", but, how can I say this, I was raised
> backwards.
> I was born in Berkeley, but not raised here.
> I was schooled in Berkeley but did not live here--Malcolm X, Longfellow,
> Magic Mountain, Maybeck, UCB (BA Computer Science '98)
> I am not anti-social, but do not make friends easily
> I was not popular in highschool
> My first boyfriend repairs air conditioners
> My second contender, who I LJBF'd ended up working at JPL
> My ex-husband works at "the lab" but not ours
> I was not raised "in the Berkeley network"
> I worked at Sybase for awhile
> I do not know anyone by their SCA names
> I might know some of the people you know--Allen, Elton, Larry, Cynthia,
> Cecily, Jym, at least two Bobs and two Marks.
> I am female, so I don't "know my stuff" that depth-first-way that guys do.
> I'm a breadth-firster
> I have only played DnD a few times
> I am not powerless over WoW, and I will be hitting the job search hard any
> day now
> What drives me to you is that I finally wiped my XP machine and put FreeBSD
> on it and realized I need to understand the history of X better.  I have
> been, by my own bad choices, fate and bad breeding, working in the Microsoft
> world for most of my career.  Do I want gnome or kde when I don't even want
> to *emulate* MS on this machine?
> Karen
> --
> http://www.linkedin.com/in/karenlhogoboom
> http://www.facebook.com/klhogoboom
> http://boomtownbits.livejournal.com
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