[buug] firefox/iceweasel: how to auto-gunzip files

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Fri Mar 11 23:46:38 PST 2011

Since back before the beginning of history, I have run apache on my
desktop.  Originally there was some justification in that I had cgi
scripts, for example to browse version control repos.  But now all that
is on a personal server machine and /usr/lib/cgi-bin on my desktop is

However, I still find it necessary to keep apache for a single stupid
reason: it is the only way I know to conveniently browse Debian's
/usr/share/doc tree, where files (of any type) are gzipped depending on
size (which means that in a single directory of HTML files, for example,
some can be gzipped and some not).  When apache serves these files it
sends a Content-Encoding header and firefox knows what to do, but if I
browse them as a file:// URL it just asks a stupid question like:

You have chose to open


which is a: gzip

What should iceweasel do with this file?

And of course there is no good answer, or the good answer would be like
"gunzip and render it, dammit!"  How _can_ I force iceweasel to do just that??
Or do you other Debian users also run apache on every box?

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