[buug] Lynx: Re: firefox/iceweasel: how to auto-gunzip files

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Sat Mar 12 12:33:07 PST 2011

Ian> However, I still find it necessary to keep apache for a single
Ian> stupid reason: it is the only way I know to conveniently browse
Ian> Debian's /usr/share/doc tree, where files (of any type) are gzipped
Ian> depending

Michael> Okay, probably not the answer you were looking for, but I
Michael> typically use Lynx for that.  It handles gzipped files (with
Michael> names ending in .gz) just fine on file: URLs.  Most of those
Michael> documentation files aren't html with (important/significant -
Michael> if any) images in them anyway.

This would actually be a good solution, I have all but forgotten about
lynx ;-)  But it doesn't seem to handle .xhtml files.  Perhaps there is
something I can configure to make that work?

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