[buug] GUI wrapper for CLI programs?

Claude Rubinson cjr at grundrisse.org
Fri May 20 08:52:43 PDT 2011

Hi all, 

I've developed a suite of commandline programs for conducting social
research.  They're all designed as filters, reading from stdin and
writing to stdout/stderr.  Standard stuff.  Implementation is Python2.

What I'd like to do is develop a GUI wrapper around this suite for
non-commandline use.  This application would basically be a
commandline prompt plus menu bar and tool bar.  From the menu bar, the
user could click "Analyze -> $FOO_TEST" and a dialog box would pop up
for the user to enter the parameters for $FOO_TEST.  When the user
clicked "Ok", the application would build the commandline string, echo
it to the main window, and execute it.  The idea would be to gently
introduce the user to using the commandline but hold the user's hand
through it.

This seems like a fairly obvious idea, so I'm wondering if such a
solution might already exist?  It does need to be cross-platform (Win,
OSX, and Unix).



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